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Has “Google” changed us? Can’t say yet.

This week, a tweet from Jim Groom led me to Sue Fernsebner’s blog on digital scholarship and got me thinking. What exactly is digital scholarship? I hadn’t yet started reading this week’s articles. Once I did, they pushed me to ask the question even harder. And no, I don’t have any answers – just more […]

I already have a PLN? And it works!

As I began reading this week’s material on building Personal Learning Networks (PLN), I realized that I was using PLNs all along and what happened this week in my research serves as a great example of how PLNs work. PLN and teaching Academics have always had their own PLNs. Both in our teaching and in […]

Twitter gets me excited

One of the first tweets I received after I signed up for my brand-new twitter account @SurupaG was one from the Public Diplomacy division of India’s Ministry of External Affairs. Very helpfully, it told me “How #India‚Äôs foreign policy documents are being put in the public domain” and offered me a link to the project. […]